Is Your Website a Keyword Cannibal?

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Accounting is generally a civilized profession, but you may be doing very uncivilized things to your SEO without even being aware that it’s happening. Setting the focus keyword to a single term used on multiple pages is known as keyword … Read More

Expertise and Uncertainty

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In the accounting profession, the “product” isn’t always tangible. There are deliverables like financial statements and tax returns, to be sure, but much of your value comes in a less concrete form. That’s a challenge for marketing, which is one … Read More

Native Sharing on YouTube

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YouTube has long been the big player in video, and accounting firms have increasingly used the platform to host videos of various types. While it can be a valuable tool for sharing video blogs, presentations and a myriad of other … Read More

5 Tips for Connecting on LinkedIn

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Making professional connections on LinkedIn is an effective way to build your networks. It’s more than a social activity; adding to your LinkedIn Contacts list contributes to your marketing power by letting you establish relationships with decision-makers at potential clients’ … Read More

Broaden Your Content Horizons

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Keeping your accounting firm’s website and social media profiles active and dynamic places where contacts want to visit can be a lot of fun, but it can also feel like a burden at times. It’s easy to fall into a … Read More

Add Your Input to CAN-SPAM Review

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Since its passage in 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act has imposed legal limitations on the marketing emails your accounting firm sends to clients and other recipients. Now the Federal Trade Commission is getting ready to tweak the law after reviewing input … Read More

Jump into the Social Media Pool

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Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and for accounting professionals it can seem like a vast and confusing sea of platforms and tactics. That’s not surprising, considering how many ways there are to use and benefit from social media. … Read More

Ad-Blockers and Your Marketing Strategy

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Surfing the web can feel like walking into a crowded bazaar, with a constant barrage of advertising that assaults users and distracts them from finding the information they seek. As a result, a growing number of regular internet users have … Read More

Make Your Landing Pages More Effective

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Landing pages have a specific purpose, which makes them different from most of the pages on your main website. To be effective, they need to be handled differently as well, so let’s talk about the best strategies to get the … Read More

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