7 Strategies to Reformat High-Quality Content

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If you’ve been diligently blogging away for your accounting firm, you may have noticed that without meaning to, you have produced a tidy little body of work. It stands alone as a helpful archive of the topics you covered, but have you ever thought of the many ways you can repurpose some of this work?

There are myriad options for expanding the reach of your best articles, letting other audiences gain access to your pearls of wisdom and multiplying the SEO-power of your creations. There is wide latitude in preferences for seeking knowledge, so it’s wise to choose more than one when you share valuable information. John Jantsch offers a look at seven easy ways to repackage content in this article on Open Forum.

  1. E-books, reports and white papers. Your posts will most likely fall into several main categories with some number of outliers. You can collect the best ones on a given topic, say small business tax strategies, into a book-worthy assemblage. Once gathered, format as an e-book or organized report that you can share as a free download or sell online. It could even be a reward to those who join your newsletter list or otherwise earn information they can use.
  2. Article directories. You can share some posts with wide appeal through article directories that are specific to the industry or for general use. There’s not a lot of status in these, but they are extremely well read by the public. That means your information will be getting plenty of attention, and you’ll be getting a name as an expert.
  3. Video. This strategy is well worth your time, since adding video to a website has such a great effect on SEO. Either convert your posts to PowerPoint presentations and record them, or make a video of yourself discussing a post’s content. You can post the final product on your website and social media pages, and add them to YouTube or Vimeo for further reach.
  4. Newsletters. Including a couple of your best posts in your newsletters is a fine practice. Readers who already caught them on your website won’t be offended and can simply move on to the other content you include, but those who missed them the first time will get a chance to read and comment. Pick the articles that drew the most feedback and those you deem most important or most well-written for this kind of re-use.
  5. Topical series. You can select a category that you’ve covered often and in-depth to offer as a daily or weekly educational series emailed to those who request it. If you program it as an auto-responder series this won’t even demand your attention after setting it up. Remember, what’s basic background information for you is specific and needed knowledge for someone in another industry.
  6. Podcasts. If you record readings or discussions of your posts, you can present them as an MP3 series for listeners to access in the car or whenever is convenient for them. Many people like to learn this way during their half-used time trapped in traffic or exercising. Collect them by category and use a hosting service to share them on iTunes.
  7. Hard copy. Go ahead and print some of your best posts up into brochure form and keep them around the office for people to read as they wait for an appointment. It beats reading antique editions of Field & Stream, and may even inspire good questions and interest in new services when they meet with you.

Once you’re accustomed to thinking this way, you’ll probably see more opportunities to present your work where an ideal void exists. It’s about letting your work get to as many people as possible in ways that are tailored to the way they live and work. You’ve said something worth hearing; now let it reach the world.

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  1. Mark Weyland
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing all these strategies with us. These strategies will definitely boost content marketing professionals who want to build career in content marketing. However, I feel for all the above mentioned strategies that you have mentioned what is important is the quality of content. This will create impact on the mind of online audience.

  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    I completely agree, Mark. High-quality content is the only surefire way to make a big impact with your work. At the same time, if you’ve got great stuff to share, getting it out in a variety of formats to reach more audiences can only help your cause.

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