Accountants Who Advertise on Google Have a New Option

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Local business ads in the Google Display Network have a new format that may benefit small and mid-sized accounting firms. The update shows a location extension display for some businesses, designed to give viewers more relevant information simply and easily. These extensions may increase awareness of your firm among those who might need your services but weren’t aware of your presence in their vicinity.

Web users searching on Google or using Google Maps will see your ad headline and the image and copy you’ve chosen, just as before. Underneath, they’ll see a small section of Google Maps with your location marked and a notification of your office hours, along with links to your website, directions and a link to call.

It’s not only Google Display Network ads that have access to the new format; when web users are near your office, your regular ads may automatically take on the latest appearance as well. Unless you opt out, the following types of ads may be converted to the new format: text-based ads, responsive ads and 300×250 image ads are all suitable for dynamic conversion. If you don’t want your ads to do this, you can opt out by following these steps:

  • Click “+ Extension” and select “select campaigns” or “select ad groups,” depending on which ads you want to exclude
  • Choose the ad groups or campaigns you don’t want to have location extensions
  • Click on “Use campaign location extension” and then “Disable location extensions”
  • Save changes by clicking on the blue “Save” button

Most firms, however, will probably want to take advantage of the extensions. To ensure web users see your ads with location extensions, go to the general purpose section of the AdWords ad gallery and check the box that says “Extend my ads with location information.”

You can also choose to make the extension visible to people who are currently near your office but not to those who may be interested in the area but not in it when they are searching online. Just click on “Location options (advanced)” and select the option for “People in my target location.” Once you’ve saved the changes, only those who are physically nearby will see location extensions on your ads.

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