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Video is a hot trend in marketing these days. Here are five factors to motivate your accounting firm into giving it a try.

You may have heard that websites with video earn a high placement on search engines, and that’s a fact. But have you thought about what else adding video can do for your firm? There are some surprising and creative ways you can use the medium. We are beginning to focus more on using video ourselves, and we intend to do a lot more of it. MarketingProfs shared an article that explores reasons to use it and novel ways to let video help in new areas. If you can’t visualize making one (perhaps getting hung up on the vision of your partners singing and dancing in spandex-rich coordinated outfits), then take heart. There are plenty of good strategies you can use to make reasonable and professional videos that communicate positive aspects of your company, educate your viewers, solve problems and enhance marketing campaigns that don’t involve MTV-style antics. Take a look and see why you should consider employing video to work for your firm.

  1. Video makes search engines happy. As we mentioned earlier, web pages containing video get special treatment and high page ranks from search engines. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy SEO strategy without video, but since using the medium gives a disproportionate boost it makes sense to include video where possible.
  2. Pre-video advertisements are effective. You can run a brief (and it’s important to make it very brief) ad at the beginning of your informative videos that takes advantage of the moment by delivering one specific marketing point straight to viewers while they’re paying attention. Even five seconds that use audio and video together will add to brand recognition and help cement your message into viewers’ memory.
  3. Video makes a site more impressive. Whether it’s fair or not, the presence of video on a website creates an impression that this is a serious business. Video adds clout and credibility, even to visitors who don’t view them. Note that it’s absolutely imperative you leave the choice to watch up to individual viewers. Under no circumstances should you set it to automatically run when the site loads. Doing so is an offense of great magnitude.
  4. Video can help educate your audience. Have you considered how helpful video can be for explaining tricky points of tax law or record-keeping, for example, to clients? You can use it in an infinite variety of situations for a teaching tool. Anything from explaining your services in detail to showing viewers how to prepare for their appointment with you in order to make the best use of the time can be done more easily and more thoroughly with video than it can in text-only versions. Beyond talking about your own firm, you can use video to share all kinds of information about news in your niche and financial management tools and techniques. You should definitely have videos on your site of the presentations and interviews you’ve done.
  5. Video can be a part of marketing campaigns. Have you ever thought of sending a video newsletter? How about creating a video to explain the benefits of your targeted marketing campaign? Try adding video to encourage attendance at an event, or take viewers on a video tour of your new facilities as you invite them to visit.

There really are unlimited ways to incorporate video to your website to enhance marketing, customer service, sharing of information and everything else you might want to do. Once you start thinking in those terms you’ll find yourself spotting perfect openings everywhere. As of this week you can even create a movie on Facebook with your brand page’s Timeline. Keep in mind that some people simply prefer watching to reading, calling or other ways of gaining information. Let those who love video have the option, but don’t replace your text pages. The more choices you offer, the more viewers you will please.

Video is a different approach for accounting firms, but with a little stretch of the imagination you’ll find dozens of creative ways to use it that benefit your clients, your firm and your marketing. Roll cameras!

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  1. Norm
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    I’m not sure I agree that sites with video rank high in the results as a result of having video. In terms of CPA and accounting firm websites, there are so many other things they can do to rank high without needing video.

    Now, I am not suggesting video is a bad idea, it is not. I am just suggesting that video as an seo technique in terms of how a cpa or accounting firm are going to implement it, is a footnote at best.

    Of course, ask 10 different people and you will probably get 10 different answers on this point.

    • Norm
      | Reply

      Sorry, I should say, I strongly support all the other reasons to add video to a site, especially a CPA or accounting website where building trust is an important part of the marketing effort. (I didn’t mean to sound harsh, if I did.)

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