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It’s here, it’s here! No longer stuck in beta mode, Google’s AdWords app for iOS users has been fully rolled out and is finally accessible to everyone. Everyone who uses an iPhone or iPad, that is. Android users have been able to harness the convenience of app-based AdWords access since March of 2015.

And to be clear, it’s not like iOS users were completely adrift in a sea of unwieldy dashboards with no land in sight. They had AdWords for mobile, in addition to a handful of third party apps. But many business users of the Google advertising platform are wisely hesitant to invite unnecessary apps into their site data, and the mobile option wasn’t available to those running an older version of the operating system.

This app may deliver some relief to Apple devotees who promote their accounting firms using AdWords but spend a lot of time away from the desk. It offers a new level of ease for performing some of the maintenance and monitoring that has until now required users to log into a desktop or laptop.

While there are fewer functions and more limited information available with the mobile option than through the full site, the app still provides plenty of data to see and a couple ways to interact with your campaigns. Once you download the app you’ll be able to

  • View campaign stats
  • Get alerts and notifications
  • Update budgets and bids
  • Call an expert for help

That’s all good stuff, but you may have noticed there’s a lot missing. You still won’t be able to create a new ad – or a new account, for that matter. There’s no access to Keyword Planner, arguably one of the platform’s finest features. So in no way does this serve as a substitute for the desktop version – there’s no comparison.

The app does have one strength: on-the-go data monitoring for iOS users. If you’re looking for more, you’ll be disappointed, but if checking on and updating your campaigns while out and about is an ability you’ve longed for, take heart. Your day has come.

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