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Amid the possibly relevant changes to LinkedIn and new options for Facebook sharing on mobile apps, we now have the opportunity to make our friends throw up by creating special Friendship Pages on Facebook.

Please don’t. Or perhaps, in an attempt to be gracious and nonjudgmental, I should say, “We now have a lovely opportunity to further share the special people in our lives with others who care.” This nauseating concept has been around for two years, but it’s been reintroduced with added stalking features this November. It comes complete with a ‘Share Friendship’ button to prove to doubters that yes, you DO actually know someone on your friends list. In fact, you’re a real live couple, both of whom admit the fact publicly.

With this creation, Facebook makes it easy for you to isolate the parts of your real page that illustrate contact between you and the chosen one – pictures, posts and comments on photos between the two of you can be pulled out and made into a darling little scrapbook to commemorate the special friendship. Can you imagine how delighted everyone you know will be to be able to access this treasure trove of memorabilia? If you have a published relationship status on the social networking site, you can play with your page at

I can see it being helpful for obsessed exes maybe, and the occasional stalker. Or if you’re grieving over the breakdown of that relationship, this page would obviously be where to go to facilitate sobbing as you look at all the cute pictures of the togetherness that is no more. Other than that, it seems like a complete waste of the technology and an offense to those who stumble into viewing range.

The idea could possibly be useful in some related task. Being able to consolidate your dealings with a particular cause you hold dear might be a good thing, or even using it to make a family page where siblings, cousins and other generations of the clan could share pictures and conversations. But as it stands, this seems like the height of deluded narcissism. Just who, besides you and the special someone, is likely to want this information in package form?

What do you think? Am I just revealing myself as cranky and bitter, or does this sound like the worst idea ever? Are you excited at the opportunity to create online documentation of your special relationship?  By all means, tell us what you think and convince us it’s going to be tons of fun!

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