Create Compelling Content About Every Topic, Even the Boring Ones

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As any reader knows, it’s not what you write about – it’s how you present the information. Accounting firms sometimes struggle to produce copy that’s interesting and easy to read. That can be a challenge when the subject matter is particularly … Read More

How Cheap Stock Photography Threatens Your Marketing Campaign: A Cautionary Tale

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by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president If you’ve known bbr marketing a while, you know how we feel about stock photography. We’ve written about the drawbacks that come with relying too heavily on these generic images rather than photographs of your real … Read More

Enough With the Social Media Changes, Already!

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Social media is a great marketing tool for accounting firms and we often encourage our clients to come to terms with it. We speak on the topic for young and old and participate as much as we can ourselves. When eyes … Read More

Truthiness Wins Again

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Most companies, including accounting firms, have at least one profile on some sort of review site like Yelp, CitySearch or Google Local by now. These firms are making a smart decision to be a part of the user review movement, because this sort of client-driven … Read More

Treating Employees Well Keeps Your Brand Strong

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Originally published in AccountingToday on July 15, 2013 (This version has been edited.) Being unhappy in your job is the new normal. That’s bad news for your firm’s brand, not just your employees. A recent article on AmEx OpenForum had disturbing news. A majority … Read More

To Get the Referrals You Want, Just Ask!

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This summer I was honored to co-present a seminar on content marketing at the AICPA/AAM/TECH+ conference in Las Vegas. One of the great things about speaking at conferences of this kind is that I get to attend other sessions and hear some … Read More

It’s Hard to Be Different When The Same Photo Shows Up on So Many Accounting Firm Sites

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We’ve all heard the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. Often this is true. But the wrong photos can make you look just like all the other firms out there. Photos can communicate messages and feelings in a … Read More

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