Time-Saving WordPress Shortcuts for Accountants

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WordPress is a valuable asset to countless accounting firms because it’s so user-friendly that many non-techies are comfortable adding blog posts, updating pages and making changes to their site on the platform. Handling routine web activities like this within the … Read More

What’s the Best Day to Send a Marketing Email?

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Sending emails as part of a marketing strategy is an everyday activity for accounting marketers. By now, you’re probably an expert at crafting messages that resonate, selecting a title that grabs readers’ attention and making your points clearly and concisely. … Read More

7 Cardinal Sins of Website Design

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It’s 2017 and the internet age is well and truly upon us. Having a website is no longer a novelty; it’s a necessary tool for every serious business. Making that website attractive and easy to navigate is a must, and … Read More

Google to Offer CPA Firms New Ad Targeting Abilities

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Internet users may not like Google’s predilection for using their search histories, but marketers certainly have plenty of reason to appreciate it. On May 23rd, Google announced yet another reason for firms to be grateful for the wealth of data … Read More

Accountants: Download Your LinkedIn Data Now to Avoid Losing It

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LinkedIn is a useful resource, but like all social media sites, it changes frequently. 2017 has already seen a revamping of some features and new ones added; now some popular features are disappearing. Notes, Tags and Reminders associated with LinkedIn … Read More

5 Characteristics of a Great Logo

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Nothing represents your accounting firm more clearly than your logo. From envelopes to social media sites to business cards, this image goes everywhere your firm does, and each time it appears, people think of your firm. Because it’s so ubiquitous, your … Read More

3 Keys to Creating Content that Works

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Content marketing continues to grow in popularity, because it’s effective. But distinguishing between solid content and clutter is critical for marketers – since readers are becoming more sophisticated about doing so themselves. Even if your content is of high quality, … Read More

LinkedIn Gives B2B Marketers a Win with Matched Audiences

Starting April 24, accounting firms that advertise on LinkedIn will be able to use a brand new feature called Matched Audiences. While Matched Audiences is the official name, don’t be misled by the vague moniker: it’s a big win for … Read More

Feed New Web Pages Directly to Google

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Now that tax season is over, are you planning to make improvements to your accounting firm’s website? After stopping to breathe for a moment following the last few hectic weeks before the federal tax deadline, many firms begin to focus … Read More

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