Avoid this Common Grammar Mistake

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Even proficient and confident writers fall prey to grammar mistakes, often without knowing they’ve done so. Whether it’s an old standard like tricky subject-verb agreement or something more obscure, grammar mistakes detract from the positive impression you’re trying to create … Read More

CPAs Can Target Specific Audiences for Facebook Ads

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Accounting firms that advertise on Facebook are about to see new options for targeting their audience for each ad, if they don’t already have this feature. Facebook is testing changes that allow advertisers to create a more specific custom audience … Read More

Mobile Sites Become Even More Important

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Having a mobile-friendly website is a basic necessity, not a nice extra you can get around to one of these days. We’ve stressed that point repeatedly over the past couple of years, but if you’ve been holding out, still doubting … Read More

An Unexpected Benefit of Case Studies and Testimonials

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In our work for professional services firms, we are staunch advocates of case studies and testimonials. Using these tools liberally on your website and marketing materials is a great way to help potential clients relate to actual clients, picture themselves … Read More

Big Changes Ahead for LinkedIn Company Pages

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If your accounting firm has a Company Page on LinkedIn – which it most definitely should – get ready for a major update to the page’s design and administrator tools. If you’ve noticed an invitation to review the page design … Read More

Facebook (Infiltrates the) Workplace

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Worried that you’re not spending enough time on Facebook while you’re at work? Never fear! The social media megalith has just made it possible for you to spend all day on the network in an effort to boost productivity and … Read More

How to Avoid Annoying Your Social Media Followers

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After working hard to build up a presence on social media for your accounting firm, it can be tough to realize you’ve lost a few followers. What did you do? Why don’t they like you any more? According to a … Read More

Google Tweaks “Google My Business”

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Google has made changes to its Google My Business dashboard that offer truly helpful information in a manner that’s easy to see and understand. They’ve removed statistics about Google+, in a further admission that the platform never really took off … Read More

Penguin 4.0 Has Arrived!

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Remember that potential Penguin refresh that we wrote about last week? Webmasters and SEO professionals had spotted changes they pegged as the long-expected update, but Google denied that the observations reflected anything more than daily variations. Turns out that claim … Read More

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