Social Media and its Technogadgets are Zombies!

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Ever feel like your entire day…week…month…brain has been eaten by the social media whirl and its multitude of shiny technological toys? Guess what – it has! They’re so much fun, and so full of potential to revolutionize the way you … Read More

Combine Marketing Strategies to See the Best Results for your CPA Firm

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New research proves the point – when marketers use social media in combination with email campaigns, they achieve a more powerful response. It seems like common sense and now VerticalResponse has done the research to prove it. MarketingProfs has the … Read More

Office Geography for an ‘Accounting Personality’

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Life isn’t all marketing over here at bbr marketing. We sometimes talk about other things as well, like how a few simple adjustments can help you get more from your staff than you’d ever expect.  While it’s a myth that … Read More

6 Ways to Help New Employees Tune into Your Brand Messaging

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Your accounting firm is thrilled with the new hire, but have you communicated the important points of your branding message? Follow these six tips to be sure, and avoid embarrassment for everyone. While misspelling the firm name is a drastic … Read More

Linkbuilding Through Social Media, Part 1

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Social media offers a wealth of new opportunities for networking and creating relationships within the accounting industry, in addition to lending weight to your firm’s SEO. It’s also a great vehicle for a disciplined linkbuilding contact search. Strategic linkbuilding is … Read More

The Deeper Meaning of LinkedIn’s New ‘Follow Company’ Button

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On Monday, LinkedIn showed off its new ‘Follow Company’ button. What should your accounting firm know about this tool? To some extent it’s a welcome but simple leap from the ‘Recommend’ button it replaces. The change, however, represents a great … Read More

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