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According to the Laws of Attraction, we draw to us others who mirror our energy. Who you are as a firm speaks to the clients you will attract.

“Like attracts like.” This universal law of attraction shows up in myriad ways and all kinds of paradigms – from physics to psychology to karma. Most of us accept it as a basic truth, whether we view it through the lens of science or spirituality.

The principle holds true even for businesses. When customers feel really in tune with a brand they appreciate its style, values, people and messaging. The relationship with the brand seems to validate and respect who they are as people and what they want out of life. It just feels right, and those brand-consumer bonds tend to be durable and profitable.

How, then, can you best strengthen your brand’s unique personality and help it shine clearly, beckoning the clients that will fall in love with it and become lifelong partners? Bryan Kramer shares some strategies for getting in tune with your firm’s inner self and communicating its individuality to your audience in an article published on

  • Know yourself. This is something we constantly encourage our clients to do, because it makes a real difference. Focus on what really differentiates you – your firm values, the subtle ways you interact with your best clients, your unmatchable skills in small things, the people you really love working for – and why.
  • Trust your instincts. Once you’ve hired the people you feel are right, let them do what they do best! Don’t spend too much time waiting for full buy-in and review across the firm. Unleash the powers on your team by giving them free rein to do what it is that drew you to them in the first place. He who hesitates is lost.
  • Reward your most loyal fans. Even when things are tough or busy, it’s important to connect with the clients who stick with you and carry you through the rough years. Reach out and thank them, letting them know they’re valued.
  • Stay in tune with the people who influence your reputation. Who’s talking about your firm? Follow your online reputation closely, and get into the conversation. Deleting negative comments isn’t nearly as useful as engaging those people to correct the problem. Similarly, it’s good form and good business to respond when people are asking questions or making positive comments about the firm. Be involved, because these voices ripple widely.
  • Engage the lurkers. People who are curious about your firm, have used it once or rely on it constantly all need to know that you’re there for them. Be involved (without stalking) at all levels. You’ll learn more about how you are perceived and will be able to help encourage prospects to become regular clients.

The best way to show that your firm is the perfect fit for clients is to engage with them as often and fully as possible. The more contact they have, the more they’ll see who you are and be comfortable turning to you for their financial services needs. Get comfortable in your firm’s skin, do what you promise, and  get out there and mingle!

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