Big Changes Ahead for LinkedIn Company Pages

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If your accounting firm has a Company Page on LinkedIn – which it most definitely should – get ready for a major update to the page’s design and administrator tools. If you’ve noticed an invitation to review the page design or access the new admin experience when you logged into your existing page, the impending update is what’s behind it.

After the remodel is complete, Company Pages will look a bit more like the recently revamped LinkedIn Groups pages and, presumably, similar to how the entire site will look after it gets a promised facelift. The refresh will be rolling out to users soon, and during the transition period you can switch between the old and new versions.

While much of your content will be automatically migrated to the new layout, there are some things you’ll need to do and other new options you ought to take advantage of. First, the necessities:

  • Upload a cover image for your Company Page. The best size is 1536 x 768 pixels. That’s right – this is going to be a big image, so pick something attractive.
  • Make sure you have a nice clear logo that looks good in the slightly bigger form it will soon take. It needs to be at least 300 x 300 pixels.
  • Create a tagline, if you don’t already have one, to add once LinkedIn creates the field for it (which is in the works).

One final requirement: Become familiar with the new administrator interface. This is a big part of the update, and the changes do seem substantial here. You’ll have access to an expanded array of tools for controlling, analyzing and viewing your various campaigns and engagement data. For one thing, Admin view will contain a dedicated newsfeed, with engagement data for your individual posts already loaded.

You’ll also see Sponsored Content, clearly labeled, and the respective reach of organic and sponsored content separated out for you. Adding and editing content should be much easier after the refresh, with the inline editing that LinkedIn users have wanted now a feature. One questionable design point is the way they’ve stashed your editing controls within the Overview tab, but now that you know, you won’t have to waste time poking around for it.

That’s all you absolutely have to do, but why not take the opportunity to freshen up your content and utilize new features while you’re there? Tidy and update your About Us section. Gather some great pictures to add to the new Company Photos section, and think about what topics and images you’ll want to share in the Life section to really get across what makes your firm, its people and its culture unique.

Go ahead and accept the invitation next time LinkedIn asks if you’d like to check out the new design. It isn’t completely put together yet but there’s a lot you can see already, which will help you start thinking about ways to make the finished Company Page welcome visitors and let them know what a fantastic firm you truly have.

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