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Using video as a marketing tool is smart. Making them to stand the test of time will keep the positive effects in play and increase your ROI.

Videos are a wonderful way to catch your audience’s attention, get your message across with impact and even boost your SEO. With all these benefits, your best bet is to plan for the future while you’re creating the videos, so that they’ll do the most good and remain viable across technological advancements. Jeff Fissel offers advice to do just that in an article published in If you follow his tips, you’ll maximize the return on your investment of time and resources for creating the videos.

  • Build it in the cloud. Choosing a cloud-based platform lets you be confident viewers can access your video without getting foiled by network traffic jams or loading issues. Also, most providers that work with cloud technology keep up to date with the features and platform tweaks that will carry your videos well into the future.
  • Build it for interaction. Opt for platforms tailored to allow social collaboration. Features like threaded comment streams and live chat will let you communicate directly with the audience your videos attract, as well as encouraging discussion between audience members. The more conversation you can foster, the more effect your video has.
  • Build it for mobile. With mobile viewing still rising fast, it’s a good idea to optimize your videos for this audience. Pick a mobile-friendly platform and create your content to work well in a mobile environment. Make sure the platform you use automatically adjusts to for the size of the device being used, and keep your visuals simple enough to show well on a smaller device.
  • Build it for Flash and HTML5. As HTML5 becomes the standard in new browsers, it’s important that your videos are compatible with both of these major technologies. You want your audience to successfully view your videos no matter what browser or device they’re using.
  • Build it on a platform that keeps up. Change is certain – in technology as well as marketing – so accept the reality and choose a platform with a history of adapting to innovations as they happen. Look for a platform that has all the current features already, pushes software updates quickly and seems to be on the ball when it comes to spotting and adopting new trends.

Keep these factors in mind as you’re building new video content and then cut loose and get creative. If you have fun making it, chances are good your audience will have fun watching it.

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