Why It Pays to Give

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“Why should I give free advice?” That’s a question we sometimes hear when we advise clients to blog, answer questions in public forums and generally offer professional insight to their audiences. It’s a reasonable query, since these educated folks are … Read More

Measurement Follows Goals

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  One of the frequent complaints about content marketing, and social media marketing in particular, is that it’s nigh on impossible to measure the results in meaningful terms. For accounting firms, which are by nature focused on accurate measurement, it’s … Read More

Add Innovation to Your Marketing Style

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  Successful marketing requires a balance between consistency and innovation. For many firms, it’s the innovation angle that poses the greatest challenge. Maintaining consistency is a fairly straightforward task: focus on your accounting firm’s unique differentiators, make sure all your … Read More

Are Light Bulbs the Key to Accounting Success?

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Did you happen to hear about the new study showing diners order healthier foods in well-lit restaurants? It’s a thing, and many news outlets picked up on it in recent days. The study, funded and completed by a group of … Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Using Psychology

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  Accounting marketing is challenging, in part because what you’re offering clients doesn’t lend itself easily to compelling photographs. Being inspired to purchase a product or service by great pictures isn’t a sign of immaturity or ignorance; it’s just a human … Read More

You Can Thank Me For MailChimp Inbox Preview

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Our firm has used MailChimp for quite some time. Additionally, we often recommend MailChimp to others when they are looking to create their own newsletter. It’s fairly easy to learn, and since they are a fellow Atlanta business, we love … Read More

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