Content + Marketing Does Not Equal Content Marketing

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Plenty of companies consider themselves content marketers, providing readers with valuable information as a way to build their brand and conduct B2B marketing. But according to a recent survey, the content provided often leaves business leaders discontented with the offerings. … Read More

Meaningful Marketing Metrics in the Digital Age

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Measuring the ROI of online marketing is tough. How can you establish the value of efforts that are ‘mushy’? You know that increasing awareness of your firm is important, as is establishing your reputation for thought leadership, but which channels … Read More

Google’s Fancy New AdWords Reports Are Here…For a Few

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The long-promised AdWords revision that offers advance reporting capabilities isn’t available to most users yet, though Google teased it way back in April of 2014. Here’s how they described the deluxe version then: Advanced reporting: To help you analyze your data … Read More

And the Winner Is…Undecided!

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Not sure which approach to digital marketing yields the best revenue boost? Take heart, because nobody else does either. That unsettling news is the result of a survey of marketers by Webmarketing 123. Their report was based on answers from … Read More

Email Is the Popular Choice for Marketing Messages

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If it were up to customers, how would marketing messages be delivered? That’s a worthwhile question for service providers who want to remain in their clients’ good graces. Message Systems performed a study using Google Consumer Surveys to discover answers. … Read More

Breaking News: Your Accounting Firm’s Cloud NOT Hacked

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With major information breaches hitting the headlines regularly, the fact that your information is relatively secure counts as a selling point. Home Depot. Target. EBay. JP Morgan Chase. Odds are strong that your personal data has been compromised by at … Read More

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