Elevate Your Firm’s Reputation with Online Reviews

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More and more people turn to online reviews when looking for service providers. Make sure your firm is benefitting from this trend. As digital information becomes more available and the internet is increasingly seen as a referral source, it’s very … Read More

How to Increase your Accounting Firm’s Referral Business

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There are simple factors that inspire the word-of-mouth referrals that companies love. Can you imagine a day when your accounting firm has more business than it can handle? It’s a problem that most accountants would cheerfully give their right arms … Read More

Tactical Response Strategy for a Public Relations Disaster

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Remember how much fun it was to hear Greg Smith share his experience at Goldman Sachs on his way out? It wasn’t fun for the company. Major mistakes, SEC filings, surprise arrests, wardrobe mishaps, foot-in-mouth syndrome…all make for wonderful viewing, … Read More