Social Media and its Technogadgets are Zombies!

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Ever feel like your entire day…week…month…brain has been eaten by the social media whirl and its multitude of shiny technological toys? Guess what – it has! They’re so much fun, and so full of potential to revolutionize the way you … Read More

Linkbuilding Through Social Media, Part 1

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Social media offers a wealth of new opportunities for networking and creating relationships within the accounting industry, in addition to lending weight to your firm’s SEO. It’s also a great vehicle for a disciplined linkbuilding contact search. Strategic linkbuilding is … Read More

The Deeper Meaning of LinkedIn’s New ‘Follow Company’ Button

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On Monday, LinkedIn showed off its new ‘Follow Company’ button. What should your accounting firm know about this tool? To some extent it’s a welcome but simple leap from the ‘Recommend’ button it replaces. The change, however, represents a great … Read More

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