Live Video Applications for Twitter

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Meerkat and Periscope are the newest ways to stream live video from your Twitter account. Here’s what your accounting firm can do with them. Meerkat and Periscope are locked in a sudden deathgrip even as they make their first huge … Read More

Relevance Scores Offer New Insight to Facebook Advertisers

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In the newest round of changes, Facebook has added what it calls a ‘relevance score’ for the performance of ads that run on the site. Advertisers that pay to reach users through their newsfeeds will now see a score, ranging … Read More

Social Media Management Strategies for the New Year

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Exhilarating, satisfying and empowering are some of the adjectives people often use to describe their experience on social media. Unfortunately, the word ‘overwhelming’ can also be accurate. Get a handle on the chaos of competing accounts and current streams with … Read More

Tackling Twitter’s Big Data with IBM’s Watson

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IBM’s new freemium Watson data service already promised great things to marketers. Now, Big Blue has partnered with Twitter to crunch all the data generated by the vast Twittersphere and offer it to you. What on earth? You’re not alone … Read More

Size Matters!

A guide to finding the perfect length for your content You’re fully cognizant of the distinction between a tweet and a status update. You blog religiously. You grasp the finer points of using LinkedIn for professional networking. But do you … Read More

3 Strategies for Personalizing LinkedIn Invitations

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Stumped about how you’re supposed to personalize those invitations connect on LinkedIn? Try these ideas for less worry and a higher acceptance rate. We all know we’re supposed to delete the boilerplate and type out a personalized invitation to connect … Read More

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