6 Tips for Superlative Slideshows

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Accompanying a presentation with slides is a great opportunity to help convey your message in an entertaining and memorable way. It’s a shame that so many meetings and lectures are paired with depressingly awful slide decks that detract from the … Read More

What’s Wrong with Plain English? (Or, It’s All Fun and Games until Somebody Gets Hurt)

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Every profession has its lingo. Every client hates that lost feeling that comes from drowning in a sea of industry buzzspeak. You know the words. “Visibility.” “Granular.” “Closing the loop.” From the baffling to the downright silly, these overused business … Read More

Language Lovers Rejoice! The Word of the Year is Here

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It’s that time of year again! The most wonderful season has arrived for wordsmiths and lexicographers around the world: it’s the annual awarding of the titles for Word of the Year. Whether you’re someone whose job is focused on crafting … Read More

5 Keys to Making a Powerful Public Appearance

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Getting an opportunity to represent your firm during a presentation or media appearance is valuable. Here’s how you can get the most mileage from it. It’s all too rare that these chances come around. When they do, they’re fantastic opportunities, … Read More

Get the Edge for Speaking Engagements to Boost Your Professional Credibility

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Speaking opportunities are valuable for enhancing your reputation as well as that of your accounting firm. Try these tips to get those important invitations and make the most of them. As a professional services provider, you probably know how helpful … Read More