6 Tips for Superlative Slideshows

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Accompanying a presentation with slides is a great opportunity to help convey your message in an entertaining and memorable way. It’s a shame that so many meetings and lectures are paired with depressingly awful slide decks that detract from the … Read More

Language Lovers Rejoice! The Word of the Year is Here

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It’s that time of year again! The most wonderful season has arrived for wordsmiths and lexicographers around the world: it’s the annual awarding of the titles for Word of the Year. Whether you’re someone whose job is focused on crafting … Read More

Tackling Twitter’s Big Data with IBM’s Watson

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IBM’s new freemium Watson data service already promised great things to marketers. Now, Big Blue has partnered with Twitter to crunch all the data generated by the vast Twittersphere and offer it to you. What on earth? You’re not alone … Read More

Breaking News: Your Accounting Firm’s Cloud NOT Hacked

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With major information breaches hitting the headlines regularly, the fact that your information is relatively secure counts as a selling point. Home Depot. Target. EBay. JP Morgan Chase. Odds are strong that your personal data has been compromised by at … Read More

Size Matters!

A guide to finding the perfect length for your content You’re fully cognizant of the distinction between a tweet and a status update. You blog religiously. You grasp the finer points of using LinkedIn for professional networking. But do you … Read More

Marketing Belongs In the C-Suite

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Many accounting firms these days have a Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Growth Officer. Yours should too, and here’s why. Adding a fancy title and elevating the head of your accounting firm’s marketing department to the top level might not … Read More