Rank Factors for Local Search Identified

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  Showing up at the top of search queries is the holy grail of all SEO efforts. Achieving this for local searches in particular may be the most valuable goal of all, since many potential clients will choose to work … Read More

Google Puts Its Omnipresent Fingers in Yet Another Pie

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  Were you aware that Google offers web domain registration services? A lot of people still aren’t, but it’s true. Google Domains has been competing quietly with GoDaddy and other popular domain registrars since earlier this year. Now the king … Read More

Website Hacks and How to Prevent Them

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Hacking and cybercrime are threats that alarm most people today, and for good reason. They’re not just a problem for big businesses or unlucky victims of identity theft, either. The fact is, your accounting firm’s website might be vulnerable to … Read More

Google Algorithm Updates Deliver Confusion

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  Just when you’re feeling competent again after an unsettling barrage of holiday delights, Google has swooped in and stirred up chaos, confusion and concern for webmasters everywhere. Like most people, you were obviously watching your accounting firm’s website with … Read More

Mysteries of SEO Unveiled

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Trying to please the Google search algorithms is a constant struggle for almost every website owner. Not only is it continuous, but it often feels like the job must be done blindfolded. Assiduously chasing rumors and scrupulously analyzing every word … Read More

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