Rich Answers Bring Rich Rewards

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  Being rich is almost always a positive thing, right? Leaving aside the ethical questions and speaking in terms of SEO, richness is definitely something to shoot for. So what are rich answers and how do you create them? Rich … Read More

“It’s Been Done” Doesn’t Mean “Don’t Do It”

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The challenge of coming up with content ideas becomes intimidating indeed when would-be bloggers, tweeters and posters suffer from the delusion that each topic they tackle has to be ground-breaking. There’s no need for stress on that point though, because … Read More

Size Matters!

A guide to finding the perfect length for your content You’re fully cognizant of the distinction between a tweet and a status update. You blog religiously. You grasp the finer points of using LinkedIn for professional networking. But do you … Read More

Launch Content with a Laser, Not a Catapult

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originally published in AccountingToday on February 5, 2014 If you want your content to make a direct hit on your target market, aim with precision. Every accounting firm has a focus all its own. You serve some special niche or … Read More

Outsourced Content Creation Part Two: Getting the Most Out of Outsourced Content

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Once you’ve decided which content to outsource, follow these best practices to reap good results for your accounting firm. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and seek professional assistance in creating at least some of the content your firm … Read More

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