The Secret Life of CPAs

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Those cute little biographies that are on your accounting firm’s website serve as proof to your family that you did, in fact, amount to something. But beyond your circle of relatives, nobody reads them, right? Very, very wrong! In fact, … Read More

Why Discriminate Against Certain Parts of Speech?

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Consider the lowly adjective. Scorned by modern literary critics, disdained by many marketers as distracting fluff…is there anything good to be said about this scourge of speech? Why yes, there is. For one thing, at least they’re not adverbs, which … Read More

Is It Successful Marketing Copy or Is It Spam?

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You know that you need great content to attract and keep readers. You also know, if you’ve been keeping up with our site, that grammar and punctuation make a big difference in the way your content is received. In case … Read More

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