Content Marketing: It Works and You Should Use It

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Content marketing is one concept every business is thinking about these days, or it should be. We take such a firm stance on this topic because it works, in a nutshell. It works to bring in clients, increase awareness of your firm, enhance client loyalty and promote your thought leadership, among other valuable outcomes. We know this and many accounting firms do as well, but quantifying the results is always a challenge.

A new infographic from Captora offers a host of insights as to how marketers are utilizing content marketing and how they’re tracking its effects. Ascend to New Heights in Content Marketing

Brought to you by Real-Time Content Software by Captora

This useful report is fun to look at and chock full of relevant information based on surveys and studies by the Content Marketing Institute and several other sources. Some of the fun facts it illustrates include:

  • 80% of business decision makers opt for content marketing over advertising, which is a good decision since 61% of consumers report they’d choose companies with their own, customized online content.
  • Among B2B marketers, the most common goals for content marketing are increasing brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, establishing or enhancing thought leadership, and encouraging customer engagement with the brand.

When it comes to gauging the results of content marketing efforts, there are some surprises:

  • While everyone wants to know how effective their strategies really are, only 27% claim to be tracking metrics that measure how their content performs.
  • Among those who do track their results, the following metrics were the most commonly used to measure efficacy:
    • Web traffic, with 63% of trackers utilizing this method
    • Sales lead quality, at 54%
    • Social media sharing is used by 50%
    • Sales lead quantity is also popular, with 48%
    • SEO ranking helps 48% of users mark their progress

And for the content itself the research used for the infographic indicates that:

  • The best click-to-open rates come from infographics, with 51%, followed by guides/ebooks (46%) and blog posts (44%).
  • But when it comes to choosing the most effective forms of content, marketers said that customer testimonials and case studies were the most powerful strategies.
  • Live demos are considered to generate the highest quality of leads, while free trials create the greatest response in sheer numbers of leads.

When and how should you share your content? According to the research cited here:

  • Saturday is the most popular day of the week for social media sharing, with 18%. Mid-week days are a somewhat distant second, at 14%, barely ahead of Mondays and Fridays which both came in at 13%.
  • Using a question mark in your blog title gets posters 46% more shares than articles lacking punctuation.
  • The best title length for blog posts is said to be 60 characters. Now you know.

While this is all fascinating stuff, here are some numbers that will knock your socks off. You know how we keep saying content marketing works and you should use it? Check it out – conversion rates among those who use content marketing versus those who don’t are:

  • 3.4 to 1.8% for email marketing click-through rates
  • 7.6 to 1% from marketing to marketing-qualified leads
  • 2.9 to 0.5% as the average website conversion rate

And that, I should think, is that. Content marketing works and you should use it. We’ll be happy to help – all you have to do is ask.

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