CPAs Can Target Specific Audiences for Facebook Ads

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Accounting firms that advertise on Facebook are about to see new options for targeting their audience for each ad, if they don’t already have this feature. Facebook is testing changes that allow advertisers to create a more specific custom audience based on previous engagement with the business page and its content.

In March of 2016, and again in August, the platform added the ability to target ads to recipients who have watched videos, opened other ads or looked at the firm’s Facebook Canvas. Now some users are finding yet another option that will dramatically enhance targeting capability: you can select users who have interacted with the firm’s Facebook page. Just as important, you will be able to direct ads to audiences that have not engaged with the page but are similar to the group of users who have done so.

For choosing those who will see an ad, you’ll have quite a number of options:

  • Anyone who has saved a post from your firm’s page
  • Anyone who has messaged the firm through its Facebook page
  • Anyone who has engaged with a post or a previous ad
  • Anyone who’s clicked on a call-to-action button
  • Anyone who has visited the firm’s page at least once, whether or not they engaged with the page’s content

As you can see, that gives you a very high level of control for targeting audiences that have engaged in specific actions. You can get even more granular by setting a time frame for the specified actions – do you want those who have clicked on your ads within the past year? Just those who have messaged the firm in the last week? Everything from one day to a year is available for each of the actions.

Customizing by page is only one step in selecting your audience for an ad, so after you’ve done all this you’ll still be able to select the geographic area you wish to target.

Your accounting firm may or may not have what Facebook calls an “Engagement Custom Audience” option just yet. If it is available to you and you’re interested in trying it out, here are the instructions the platform offers for doing so.

This enhanced ability to target ads to audiences based on page engagement, or lookalike audiences similar to those who have engaged in the past, appears to hold great promise for those firms that advertise on Facebook. If your CPA firm has the feature already, have you tried it? Please let us know if you found it effective, if you didn’t, or if you’re still awaiting its arrival.

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