Accountants: Download Your LinkedIn Data Now to Avoid Losing It

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LinkedIn is a useful resource, but like all social media sites, it changes frequently. 2017 has already seen a revamping of some features and new ones added; now some popular features are disappearing. Notes, Tags and Reminders associated with LinkedIn contacts are going away.

While many CPAs used these helpful tools, it’s not a disaster to lose them in most cases. That doesn’t mean you want to lose the information you’ve stored there, however, so take action now to save it. The ability to add new Reminders is gone already, but you still have a little time left in which to retrieve your saved notes and tags. With a looming deadline of May 31st, it’s time for immediate action if you’d like to keep this information.

You have three possible ways to save the data stored in notes and tags on the site:

  1. Download and save it in the location of your choice
  2. Import it to LinkedIn Recruiter
  3. Import it to Sales Navigator

While the second two may be good choices for some, most accounting professionals will probably just want to download the data to continue using it from your computer or the cloud. Here’s how to go about the process:

  1. Go to the data export page (look in Settings & Privacy to find it).
  2. Open Basics and click on the Change button next to the option that says “Getting an archive of your data.”
  3. Click on Request Archive to get an email with a link that lets you download archived data, including tags and notes.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you’ll find your notes and tags inside the Contacts file.

For those few who really need to keep the data within LinkedIn itself, here are the instructions for importing to Recruiter, or you can follow the steps on this page to import notes and tags to Sales Navigator.

Don’t put this off if you’ve got information worth keeping in your LinkedIn Notes and Tags, because the end of the month is quickly approaching. After that, it’s lights out for this data. It’s easy enough to download and save, so go ahead and do it today.

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