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As any reader knows, it’s not what you write about – it’s how you present the information. Accounting firms sometimes struggle to produce copy that’s interesting and easy to read. That can be a challenge when the subject matter is particularly dry or complex. It’s possible, though, and I’m always delighted to spot success with this hurdle that so many professionals share.

A real estate ad someone shared on my Facebook feed definitely qualifies as a win in this area. I’m not looking to buy or sell any property, particularly in Birmingham, Alabama where the listing originates. Nor am I someone who follows real estate in general, for business-related or personal interests. But when I saw it described as a great read my curiosity was aroused and I figured it was worth a glance. It was.

The listing’s opening words drew me in right away: “This 2 bed 2 bath home is the perfect starter home to show your parents and friends that you have it together.” I wasn’t expecting this amusing angle from a property listing and read on, my interest further piqued. The words revealed the house as a palace of extraordinary bliss not often found in an admitted “starter home,” complete with delights for every moment of the day.

“Bask in the sunshine beaming through the windows. Avoid your guests in the master bedroom. The master bath has a stand-up shower. Would you rather take a bath? The second bathroom has a tub/shower combo. Start a bath and switch to a shower if you are indecisive.” I laughed as I pictured someone wrapped in a towel quickly darting between the two bathrooms to enjoy the luxury of both a stand-up shower and a sit-down tub.

“On one of Birmingham’s 3 spring days, eat on the porch. … Live your dreams through your kids by playing sports in the yard. … Tell your mom the home has a basement “in case of storms” and she will almost certainly nod in approval.” This is good stuff! Can’t you visualize yourself enjoying life in this hospitable nest?

“The location of this home is excellent. You will have no problem getting your fitbit steps in each day. Walk your dog to Homewood Park. Carry your kettlebells to Iron Tribe fitness. Ride your unicycle to Octane Coffee or O’Henry’s. Take your child to the Creative Montessori School or just toss them over the fence in the backyard to get them there quicker because you are running behind because getting a kid ready in a timely fashion is difficult. (Disclaimer: Don’t throw kids).” Surely every parent can relate to this situation, even those who would never consider launching their offspring across the fence for the sake of convenience.

The ad goes on to list a number of popular local restaurants and gyms before touching on nearby churches. “Worried about your soul? Walk to church at Dawson Baptist or Trinity Methodist depending on the age you were baptized. If that isn’t your style, the home is convenient to 280, downtown Birmingham, and the interstate so you can go to the faith of your choosing. I don’t care. If you would rather sleep in on Sunday, the street is very quiet.”

The house has everything a buyer could want in terms of features and location, but instead of stating the amenities as an eye-glazing list of facts, the author puts the information in terms that give readers a vivid mental picture of how they would enjoy each feature throughout the day. The addition of a light, comedic style makes the copy more accessible as well as provoking a smiles and giggles as the reader progresses.

By utilizing a fresh approach and writing from the reader’s perspective, you can increase the appeal of your firm’s content along with the amount your audience retains afterward. It makes your content memorable and highly readable, which are two outcomes you want to encourage.


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