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Modernize your accounting firm’s website with these simple tips to keep one step ahead.

You already know how important it is to have an attractive and accessible website that conveys your message as well as your differentiators, but did you know that web design follows trends just like clothing and internet memes? It’s true, and just as you don’t need to follow every pop culture whim in your personal life, you don’t have to jump on the website fashion train every time it moves. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to stay current with the times when you’re tweaking, adding to and cleaning up your old web wardrobe. This Mashable article describes the trends for 2012. Why not see how they can freshen up your site?

  • Daring design. You can make a memorable impression through bold graphic elements on your website with fonts, colors, footers or any other visual component. Powerful and minimal are the new trends. Many are starting to think differently (apologies to Steve Jobs) about their sites. Not all navigation bars have to run across the top or down the left side of the page. I’ve been seeing some interesting features, and expect to see a lot more in coming months. Look around and find something fun to try yourself.
  • Upgrade to HTML5. This is a great tool to help make your site superbly interactive, without a deep understanding of coding. Be careful, though, to ensure compatibility across browsers. HTML5 deepens the chasm between performance on older browsers and modern ones, so you’ll need to use something like Modernizr to adapt your page design for different browsers. Or get help and advice from your Web developer, or us, if you like.
  • Minimize. The trend is to pare down and simplify sites even as they include more and more information. Those at the front of this fashion wave are even moving to one-page websites (like this one we recently did for a law client). It doesn’t always work for larger CPA firms, since ongoing blogs, client testimonials, clear explanations of services, case studies, bios and other content demand their own spaces. Even so, most firms can benefit from some judicious trimming and slimming. Make sure each page and each word offer value to the reader.
  • Integrate wisely. Social media is a critical component of your accounting firm’s marketing efforts and it definitely has a place on your website, but it shouldn’t be invasive or aggressive. Don’t let your firm site become a glorified Facebook page. Keep the readers in mind, and remember that they’ve come to your site to see more and different information than is available on the social media presentation. Balance carefully to achieve a sleek integration.

Have fun with these tips next time you’re doing site maintenance for your firm and enjoy the new look and freshly-trimmed feeling that result. Much like a great haircut, a few minor changes can make you look and feel like a million bucks!

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