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Facebook is rolling out a substantial redesign for business pages. Hooray! Many businesses feel that the change is long overdue, believing that the previous layout didn’t provide enough opportunity for strong branding or effective presentation of information.

If your accounting firm is in that camp, you’ll probably be pleased when you see the new arrangement. Most users have the revamped view by now but a few will still see the old version. It’ll be out for everyone soon, so hang in there if pages don’t look any different to you yet. So what can you expect when you get your first glimpse of the brand new layout?

  • It’s back! Once again, you have a nice clean cover image without the logo/profile picture, information and buttons that overlaid it in the previous version. (Longtime users may remember having these nice images years ago.) You no longer have to select an image that will work with stuff on top of it – your cover image gets the whole space to star in. Your logo is now moved to the left, where it can look its best and get the attention it deserves.
  • The call to action is far more visible, under the right side of the cover image in a large blue bar. You’ll be able to choose a variety of actions for your CTA. Just below the cover image on the left side you’ll find buttons to like, share, message the firm, save, etc. These are a bit less prominent than they were, but it doesn’t seem like a great loss in exchange for the improved cover image and CTA.
  • Under the large CTA button you’ll see the business category (also with an expanded selection of options to choose from) and farther down in that column, an About section with the firm’s contact information. You can choose to include a featured video here, which isn’t a bad idea. Your favorite apps (up to three of them) are highlighted with icons beneath the contact info.
  • On the left-hand side of the page under your logo or profile picture are the firm’s name and username – two more things that used to clutter up the cover image. Underneath these are tabs for each page. This is one thing you might want to edit, now that every page gets a tab. Is it time to remove a few old pages that are no longer meaningful? There’s a full apps menu just beneath the page tabs, so take a minute to tidy up that list as well.
  • And don’t forget the search bar that allows users to search the page for particular posts. It’s right under the category section where it’s easy to overlook, unfortunately, but still a useful feature.

What’s your take on the new look? Most people I’ve talked with – those who can see it, anyway – are pleased overall. There are a couple of weak points but the improvements to other areas are so dramatic that they easily outweigh the negatives. Let us know how you feel about it, and consider letting Facebook know as well. It never hurts to give feedback, because no doubt this isn’t the last set of tweaks.

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