Generate More B2B Leads with These Digital Channels

How do you generate new leads for your accounting firm? Most firms are constantly searching for effective strategies to help them connect with businesses in the industries they serve. While individuals rely on accounting professionals to advise and manage their financial concerns, it is organizations that can most often benefit from the full range of expertise and knowledge these firms provide. That makes B2B marketing of prime importance for the majority of accounting firms.

In their efforts to reach out to potential clients, firms typically rely on a mix of marketing channels and content types to get their message across, but which are the most effective? A recent study by DemandWave aimed to uncover the answer to this persistent question, and its results might surprise you.

The company surveyed 179 U.S.-based B2B marketers from a variety of industries about the digital channels and types of content they use to generate and drive leads. They found that when it comes to choosing a digital channel, almost three fourths of survey respondents count on emails (73%) and more than two thirds utilize organic search strategies (70%). Social media and paid search form the next tier of digital channels trusted by marketers, at 55% and 54% respectively. Only 37% report that display advertising drives leads for their company.

When asked about the types of content that help them drive leads, survey participants gave more closely clustered answers. They were allowed to indicate as many choices as applicable, and the most popular formats were:

  • White papers (53%)
  • Webinars (50%)
  • Case Studies (44%)
  • Blogs (39%)
  • Infographics (31%)

Mobile apps ranked below ‘other’ (18%) and ‘not sure’ (12%), with only 6% of companies surveyed reporting they utilized apps to drive leads.

LinkedIn was the most commonly utilized social media platform for marketing and generating leads, with 89% of respondents saying they used the platform. Twitter was a close second at 86%. Interestingly, only 34% of survey participants indicated that Twitter actually did drive leads. LinkedIn performed well according to 62%, and 37% reported that Facebook produced leads for their company.

Your accounting firm probably already uses some of these digital channels and content formats, but it might not hurt to observe what’s working for other marketers and experiment with additional tactics. If you haven’t explored the benefits of white papers and webinars, for example, consider adding them to the mix. Keep doing what’s working for you, but remember that new options may lend more power to your lead generation efforts.

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