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Google has made changes to its Google My Business dashboard that offer truly helpful information in a manner that’s easy to see and understand. They’ve removed statistics about Google+, in a further admission that the platform never really took off the way they’d hoped, and added two valuable metrics that show:

  • How users are finding your firm in searches – instead of a simple view total, you’ll see how the numbers break down between those searching for your firm by name versus a broader search term like “Atlanta accountants.” You’ve always had this kind of ability in more sophisticated analytics tools; adding it to Google My Business increases the value of this highly useful profile.
  • Where viewers are seeing your firm’s profile – you’ll now get a graphic that neatly illustrates how many of those who find your listing reach it from Google Maps compared to those who are conducting general searches. Since many CPAs do function in a local market more so than on a regional or national scale, it’s quite useful to know what proportion of potential clients are searching for a provider based on location rather than services, at least for their preliminary research.

Claiming the listing for your accounting firm with Google My Business is an important way to ensure you’ll show up in online searches. Even if your firm is one that earns substantial word-of-mouth referrals, there is a significant population that will turn to an internet search in order to check you out after receiving the personal referral or to seek a suitable provider if one hasn’t been recommended.

Whether or not you prefer to exist in an exalted plane above the madding crowds of web traffic, it just doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of the opportunity provided by Google My Business. In a blog post announcing the changes discussed above, Google shared a startling statistic that illustrates the point, claiming that “the average well-maintained Google My Business listing gets five times more views than listings which haven’t been claimed by their owners.”

There is a little wiggle room in this statement. The term “well-maintained” may indicate that some of the increase in views may stem from a general approach that prioritizes maintaining a strong web presence. Nevertheless, based on Google’s internal data it appears that completing the profile and keeping it up to date delivers a substantial payoff in terms of web hits, which is what we would expect. It’s just one more way – and an important one that costs you nothing – to increase exposure for your firm and help potential clients become aware of your existence.

Take a minute to claim your firm on Google My Business if you haven’t already. Then log in regularly to take stock of what’s happening with insights offered by the latest tweaks.

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