How Can you Create Compelling Content for your Blog?

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We focus time after time on the importance of giving your audiences high-quality content. So what is it exactly that makes content compelling and high-quality, encouraging comments and sharing?

There’s the obvious: good grammar, clear flow, relevant topics and useable information. Without these basic elements in place few readers are going to make it to the end of a post, much less bother making a comment or repost. Beyond the basics, what can you do to help ensure people enjoy reading your content and come back for more? Social Media Today offers some strategies that may help you select blogging ideas that engage readers and boost the chances of making a big impact with your content. If you’re at a loss for how to approach your next writing responsibility, consider these options:

  • Hop on a bandwagon. Something is shifting, changing or rising to popularity in the accounting and financial services worlds all the time. Going with one of these hot topics is a surefire way to catch readers’ attention. Whether it’s about a new industry trend or a rising star on the list of social media platforms, you can give the facts at the same time you add your own take on the subject. These posts are timely, which draws readers, as well as useful in that they convey your expertise and experience with the subject.
  • Interview an expert. These posts add the personal aspect, letting readers glimpse a bit of conversation with a notable leader in the field. They’re a great way to associate your firm with recognized names, and people usually enjoy reading them. As a bonus, they’re perfect for video, which is a proven asset to your website’s SEO.
  • Review the current literature. Posting a review of a new book that’s making waves in your field lets you ride the book’s popularity wave as you give your own opinion on the information it contains. You’ve probably got something interesting to add on the subject, or even a point with which you take issue. Many people like reviews because they allow them to learn about some of the high points before reading, and it helps them decide if the book merits a full read based on their niche.
  • Make a list. There are endless kinds of lists that can be made, collecting useful information and tips on any topic you like. These are great because of their ease of reading and their accessibility. It doesn’t take a lot of commitment to read a collection of brief snippets, but reviewing them together can really help you see the pattern and get the gist. It’s easy to remember the information that comes in this format as well.
  • Indulge in a rant. These posts can be incredibly fun to write and to read as well, if the author has channeled energy into making logical points. They can accommodate strong opinions and humor in a way that more traditional vehicles don’t. Well-written rants often garner the liveliest discussion of any you’ll write, too. Check your work carefully before posting, though, to make sure you’ve kept a respectful tone and organized your thoughts enough to get your message accross as effectively as possible.

Everyone who is expected to produce content on a regular basis runs into a wall sooner or later, wondering what on earth to share today. Thinking about your task with these tips in mind can help you hone in on a style that leads to obvious topic choices where you’ve actually got something meaningful to say. And that, of course, creates the most readable and shareable content.

We’d love to learn other strategies that have helped you find topics and engage your readers. Please share with us in the comments if you have a tip.

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