Is Pinterest Right for Your Accounting Firm?

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You know Pinterest is hot these days, so here’s a handy infographic to help you decide if it’s a smart place for your accounting firm to expand.

Everybody loves Pinterest. It’s been riding a crest of popularity within the social media world for several months, especially among women. Lots of businesses have been choosing to make an account as a way to increase their social media presence – should yours, too?

That’s a good question. Since you can’t be on all the social media sites and still get your work done (or have a life) let’s explore the reasons Pinterest might or might not be a good choice for your firm. It’s not the most obvious option from among the slate of social channels simply because it’s so visually focused, with an emphasis on crafts, cooking and fashion.

Accounting and financial services don’t exactly fit that mold. Still, there are plenty of businesses who have found it to be worthwhile. A flow chart found on the Intuit Small Business Blog can help you navigate some of the questions you should ask yourself before deciding if the site will offer you a good fit.

  1. Are you new to social media? If this is your first ride on the social media carousel, Pinterest probably isn’t your best option. If you’ve been around and know the drill, it just may be the right place to expand your presence.
  2. Do you have time and energy to add another platform? Social media isn’t free. It costs you time and mental effort to make profiles, build relationships, find or create content, monitor other people’s posts, respond to comments and all the other great stuff that’s part of the experience. If you’re happy with your current online presence and stretched to the max keeping up with the profiles you have, leave Pinterest alone. Use the time you save to do a great job with your established accounts.
  3. Are you flexible with your content? The question for accounting firms is whether you’re willing to share content of various kinds, some of which works well in a visual format. Beyond what happens inside your firm, there are events and ideas that could appeal to people interested in your industry niche. If you can see your firm wanting to pin charts, graphs, photographs, infographics and other visual media along with your text-based content then Pinterest might work for you.
  4. Can you think visually? Let’s face it – we aren’t all graphic artists. That doesn’t necessarily exclude you from Pinterest but if you’re completely stumped wondering how on earth to go about sharing anything you do in a visual medium, it might not be worth the effort. There’s plenty of content around the internet that will lend itself to this format for those who are comfortable thinking visually though, so don’t dismiss the site automatically. Who knows, you might gain new insights into your work by starting to think about it in a new way.

Pinterest’s users feel passionate about the site, but don’t feel obligated to join it just because it’s hot; the only sites worth your valuable time are those where you and your firm are really comfortable.  It’s a great place to be if your firm (or the person in charge of social media) has the time and inclination to make good use of an account there. Look at the ways other businesses have used it and spend a few minutes thinking about how you want to accomplish your goals. Then walk away smiling or jump in with both feet. Either way, you’ll benefit from knowing you’re making the right choice for your firm.

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