LinkedIn Offers New Conversion Tracking Feature

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One feature that many businesses had wanted to see on LinkedIn has at last been added: you can now track and measure link conversions from your ad campaigns on the site. Apparently the company had been hearing so many requests for this ability that they decided to add functionality to allow it. Sometimes asking for what you want gets results!

Many accounting firms run marketing campaigns on the site, since it’s a great place for getting the attention of business leaders in almost every industry. If you’ve been doing that but wishing you had more options for monitoring how effective these campaigns actually prove to be, you’re in luck. LinkedIn discusses the new feature in a blog post about conversion tracking for text-based ads and sponsored content on the platform. In a nutshell, the improvements will allow you to:

  • Track specific metrics like cost-per-conversion, overall conversion rate and ROI. You can break the numbers down further into different audience segments to see who your campaigns are most successful at reaching.
  • Record conversions, whether they’re from mobile devices or desktop computers, and learn whether they’ve viewed or clicked on your ads.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns based on the response you get from different ads and targeted audiences.

The enhanced metrics the new feature provides are impressive, giving you access to granular information that can help you understand what’s working and tweak as necessary. You’ll also be able to track things like resource downloads and newsletter sign-ups that follow exposure to your ads on LinkedIn.

To get started with conversion tracking, you’ll need to do five things:

  1. Sign into Campaign Manager, select the site you want to track and enter the high-level domain name.
  2. Add a bit of code to your website using this LinkedIn Insight Tag that will do the tracking for you.
  3. Decide on the behaviors you want to track and set them up in the conversion tracker.
  4. Add the actions you’ve selected to the individual ad campaign or campaigns for which you wish to monitor results.
  5. Track the results by campaign or for your whole account inside your Campaign Manager.

It’s always refreshing when a platform makes improvements that you’ve wanted to see. LinkedIn’s new conversion tracking features appear to hold a lot of potential for adding value to an increasingly important tool that your accounting firm should be making use of. Let us know how it works for you!

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