“Marketing Ideas for CPAs” Named to List of Top 50 Accounting Blogs

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 We avoid too much self promotion on this blog, but simply had to share this with our loyal readers. Thanks so much for all your support!

Marketing Ideas for CPAs, a marketing blog focused on the accounting industry, was recently named to a list of the Top 50 Accounting Blogs by Masters in Accounting. A creation of bbr marketing, the site was created to provide tips, analyze trends and share ideas that help accounting firms and the people who work to market them. Whether a reader is a marketing professional, a partner or a sole practitioner, the website encourages feedback and fosters discussion of ideas that translate across the industry.

Masters in Accounting, Top Accounting Blog, Marketing Ideas for CPAs“We have selected our top accounting blogs based on a review of the quality of content and usefulness for professionals in the accounting field and students who are looking to get started in an accounting career,” said Charles Sipe, executive editor of Masters In Accounting. “We also consider if the blog is recommended by other accounting blogs as a valuable resource.”

Found at MastersinAccounting.info, the site is a free resource focused on providing the best information for prospective Masters in Accounting students researching degrees, programs and schools. The site also provides research information on items such as career outlook, guides to becoming a student, potentially available scholarships and more.

“We selected Marketing Ideas for CPAs because it shares useful information for CPAs and accounting professionals who would like to promote their business,” Sipe continued. “Since many accounting professionals own their own business, understanding marketing best practices is key to their success.”

Masters in Accounting describes the sites it recognizes as varied and practical: “Our Top 50 Accounting Blogs reflect the blend of traditional principles, modern perspectives and revolutionary technologies that is shaping the profession and its industry today, frequently busting staid stereotypes in the process. Find a variety of viewpoints, straightforward advice and updates on issues that affect everyone with an eye on the bottom line.”

Along with creating and sharing marketing ideas on the primary site, Marketing Ideas for CPAs can also boast a very active LinkedIn group with nearly 350 members. In this professional but friendly environment, accounting and marketing professionals ask questions, share expert advice, tips and tricks and offer one another support and encouragement.

“We are honored to be included on this list of the top accounting blogs. When we originally created this blog and LinkedIn group, we hoped to make a community where the accounting marketing industry could learn and interact with peers,” says Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president of bbr marketing. “When we conceived of the idea of creating a productive conversation space, we thought it was a good plan. In reality it has been more fun, more educational and more popular than we ever imagined.”

On the Marketing Ideas for CPAs site, the most popular posts include What NOT to Do on Your Website5 Painless Networking StrategiesTrends in Content Marketing for Your CPA Firm and Come on CPAs…Show Some Personality!

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