Measuring the Success of Your Videos

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Now that you’ve added video to your website, how can you measure the success of your efforts?

If you’ve been keeping up with the trends in social and content marketing, you’re probably aware of the video’s power as a way to reach and engage your audiences. It’s an effective tool to connect face-to-digital-face with viewers and it does wonders for your SEO. Done well, video allows you to show real style and even create a cult-like appreciation for your marketing campaign.

But once you’ve created a video and made it live on your site, how can you tell how effective it is? To measure the ROI of video, you’ll need to utilize different measurement tools than the ones that let you judge the success of other content. Ezra Fishman of Wistia offers three ways to assess the impact of your video in an article published on Learn how to use these metrics and you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t as you begin to let video liven up your accounting firm’s website.

  1. Engagement. To measure engagement, you’ll want to find out how committed your viewers are to the experience. Are they clicking on your video and immediately clicking out or are they staying to watch the whole thing? Figuring out how long visitors stay with the video, or if they watch it more than once, means much more than the sheer number of clicks.
  2. Play rate. Play rate is the ratio of people who see the page to how many click to play the video. The thumbnail picture that represents the video and the video’s placement on the page are both big factors in determining the play rate. If you’re not happy with that number, try using a different thumbnail or moving it to a better page position. And of course, the relevance and value of the title and video topic also play important roles in creating a high play rate.
  3. Play over time. In addition to the total number of views your video gets, pay attention to how the number of daily plays changes over time. Is its popularity tapering off or are more viewers watching it each day it remains on the site? Can you see spikes in viewing that you can trace to things you’re doing other places that drive traffic to the site? The pattern of views is as important as the total play volume.

As with any marketing effort, determining the return on your investment is an important part of the job. Making videos takes staff time and resources that could be used elsewhere. Measuring engagement, play rate and play volume over time will let you determine just how effective any particular effort has been. Use these numbers to learn the best ways to connect with your audience and factor that knowledge in the next time you’re creating a video.

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