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YouTube has long been the big player in video, and accounting firms have increasingly used the platform to host videos of various types. While it can be a valuable tool for sharing video blogs, presentations and a myriad of other video-based marketing content, YouTube suffers from one major drawback: YouTube users. The internet contains a multitude of obnoxious trolls, and YouTube seems to sing a siren song irresistible to this unfortunate element.

If that sounds harsh, be assured I’m not referring to the millions of people who flock to the site to share and learn from the vast array of content it holds. I’m talking about the relatively small group of users who post annoying, rude and truly offensive comments on videos. These comments tend to display the worst elements of human nature, and are ubiquitous on videos – even those that hold no interest for the misanthropes who seem driven to reveal their inner yuck throughout the platform.

After extensive testing, YouTube has unveiled a new feature that allows private messaging on videos within the app. While this might seem like a pleasant diversion for the high school crowd, it also holds the potential for offering additional value to business-minded users.

For example, firms might choose to create a video that instructs viewers how to handle a specific tax or business situation, or an update on new legislation that affects clients. Instead of merely posting it to YouTube and their own website, the firm could now invite a select group of clients to watch and ask questions through the messaging feature, effectively increasing the interactive potential of the content.

The feature is only available on mobile at this point, but it’s free for both iPhone and Android devices. As many as 30 people can participate in a chat, and you can play video inside the messaging thread. You can share your videos to contacts already on your phone, or with a link you can send to others who aren’t in your mobile’s contact list.

This is a nice opportunity to expand your use of video in all kinds of ways, while avoiding the maddening crowd that detracts from a professional environment. Now how will your firm take advantage of this new ability?


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