Social Media and its Technogadgets are Zombies!

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Ever feel like your entire day…week…month…brain has been eaten by the social media whirl and its multitude of shiny technological toys? Guess what – it has! They’re so much fun, and so full of potential to revolutionize the way you … Read More

Combine Marketing Strategies to See the Best Results for your CPA Firm

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New research proves the point – when marketers use social media in combination with email campaigns, they achieve a more powerful response. It seems like common sense and now VerticalResponse has done the research to prove it. MarketingProfs has the … Read More

Office Geography for an ‘Accounting Personality’

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Life isn’t all marketing over here at bbr marketing. We sometimes talk about other things as well, like how a few simple adjustments can help you get more from your staff than you’d ever expect.  While it’s a myth that … Read More

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