Google Puts Its Omnipresent Fingers in Yet Another Pie

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  Were you aware that Google offers web domain registration services? A lot of people still aren’t, but it’s true. Google Domains has been competing quietly with GoDaddy and other popular domain registrars since earlier this year. Now the king … Read More

Add Innovation to Your Marketing Style

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  Successful marketing requires a balance between consistency and innovation. For many firms, it’s the innovation angle that poses the greatest challenge. Maintaining consistency is a fairly straightforward task: focus on your accounting firm’s unique differentiators, make sure all your … Read More

The Microsoft Monster Eats LinkedIn

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That LinkedIn profile you’ve worked so hard on? It now belongs to Microsoft, or will once a pending deal closes later this year. Congratulations! No need for panic, according to the CEOs of both companies. Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn at … Read More

Are Light Bulbs the Key to Accounting Success?

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Did you happen to hear about the new study showing diners order healthier foods in well-lit restaurants? It’s a thing, and many news outlets picked up on it in recent days. The study, funded and completed by a group of … Read More

Create Compelling Content About Every Topic, Even the Boring Ones

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As any reader knows, it’s not what you write about – it’s how you present the information. Accounting firms sometimes struggle to produce copy that’s interesting and easy to read. That can be a challenge when the subject matter is particularly … Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Using Psychology

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  Accounting marketing is challenging, in part because what you’re offering clients doesn’t lend itself easily to compelling photographs. Being inspired to purchase a product or service by great pictures isn’t a sign of immaturity or ignorance; it’s just a human … Read More

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