Rich Answers Bring Rich Rewards

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Being rich is almost always a positive thing, right? Leaving aside the ethical questions and speaking in terms of SEO, richness is definitely something to shoot for. So what are rich answers and how do you create them?

Rich answers give a response to the search queries users type into search engines. You know, like “Why does my cat freak out at midnight every night?” or “How do I make an Excel spreadsheet bend to my will?” Here’s the thing though: You possess really useful answers to the questions asked by your clients, and some of them – and people like them who could become your clients – are typing those questions into search engines even now.

Rich answers appear smack dab at the top of search results. They’re a response to long-tail queries, not simple search terms. If you create a blog post or other online document that directly answers a search query, your odds of appearing high on the search results page are sky high. That means the more relevant answers you provide to real-life questions, the more people will be directed to your content and see you as the guru on the hill, omniscient and generous about sharing that knowledge.

Stone Temple Consulting did a little research and found that not only are rich answers appearing with more frequency, Google relies on data from non-Google sources to provide 75% of these answers. Again, this is a prime opportunity for your accounting firm to appear in front of searchers with the information they seek.

You can further boost your chances of having your content selected as an option by including a thorough treatment of the question, with context and examples so that readers will really understand the answer and how to use it. As in, say, a well written blog post that addresses a common accounting question the way you’d explain it to a client who asked you the same thing.

Does this begin to sound familiar? Of course it does! It’s one of the strategies bbr marketing has long recommended for selecting blog topics that will resonate with your audiences. Now you have one more reason to follow our sound advice: great SEO. In your post, do be sure to give a clear, articulate answer to the question that forms the basis for your discussion. Then go on to elaborate with the details that edify someone who isn’t an accountant but wants to know about an accounting-related issue.

Offering rich answers is a boon to internet users with questions as well as to your firm. And since it’s also a good strategy for crafting readable posts that offer real value to readers, this is a real win-win opportunity. So what’s the first question you’re going to answer? I look forward to seeing your name come up the next time my cat starts going bonkers in the wee hours.

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