Say Goodbye to Lead Generation Ads on Twitter

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If your accounting firm has been relying on Twitter ads that gather personal data for lead generation, it’s time to look for a new alternative. The company will be phasing out the ability to gather information like email addresses, Twitter handles and names via advertisements early next year.

In its developers forum, the popular social media platform announced that Twitter Lead Generation ads will disappear in two steps, although companies that used these marketing tools will still be able to view analytics for previous campaigns utilizing the ads.

The lead generation ad feature has been around since 2013 but as of February 1, 2017, marketers will no longer be allowed to create new lead generation campaigns. You’ll also lose the option to edit existing lead generation cards or make new ones. The ability to view and edit campaigns based around lead generation campaigns will stick around a little bit longer.

A month later, however, the analytics from previous campaigns are all that will be left. Beginning March 1, 2017, the lead generation cards themselves will be a thing of the past.

Twitter hasn’t given any clear explanation for the decision to eliminate ad generation campaigns, but they did offer a vague statement indicating the tactic may not have performed as well as desired in an email to Marketing Land:

“We are always experimenting with the best ways to help advertisers effectively connect with consumers. At this time, we intend to focus our efforts on building and improving other performance offerings that will help us drive the best performance for advertisers.”

It’s possible that we’ll see new marketing features from Twitter around the time the lead generation campaign option disappears, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess. Another possibility, of course, is that Twitter has nothing else in mind but is moving away from the data gathering area in general as a response to growing public concerns about privacy, or because the cards weren’t particularly popular.

Either way, Twitter will remain a valuable platform for sharing your expertise and making your voice heard. You’ll just have to find other ways to entice impressed audience members to share their contact information with you so you can reach out to them with emails, newsletters and additional marketing efforts.

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