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Finding and creating content to share on your accounting firm’s web and social media accounts can be tough. is a platform that can help you accomplish the task much more quickly and easily.

There’s a world full of wonderful articles, useful graphics and insightful commentary out there, but gathering it without spending your entire day doing so isn’t simple. With a good content curation tool like you can save time by tracking boards that share all kinds of useful content and creating a board of your own. In the process, you’ll find new people who share your interests and appreciate your content, too. Check it out!

Offering both free and paid versions, is an online publishing platform that lets you create nice-looking webzines or boards based on a particular topic. Using it is a great way to get your name recognized as well as to find concentrations of content that you can use or share.

If you link your existing social media accounts to then when you publish or edit content on it will go to all your linked accounts. As part of the company’s Business offerings, you can even use the tool to publish the content you create here on your regular domain name.

Search for new boards by keyword or with the name of a specific person you wish to follow. The topic of a board is shown at the upper left of its page, along with the creator’s name. There’s a Follow button at the right. Now so far this sounds a lot like one more social media account, and that may not hold a lot of appeal. The difference here is that you’re following individual interests as well as people, so while you may find Ben Bernanke, Kim Kardashian or anyone else fascinating, you may not want to hear every word they utter. With, you can limit what you see to the particular area you wish to focus on. It’s a highly useful refinement, in my opinion.

  • Add new content to your board by selecting items you like and including your own commentary about what’s great about it.
  • Move content around to make your board look just the way you want it. You can also edit your comments, star an item, tag it, share it or delete it if you so desire.
  • Share your board through a wealth of social media options or add it to a newsletter. (You can also link it to a WordPress blog, send it to an RSS reader or export it to Tumblr, but these features are only for paid subscribers.)
  • Access suggestions for adding content through a button at the upper right of your board.

Exploring is well worth your time. It’s a fantastic place to publish content in a form that lets you reach people who share an interest in exactly the topic where your expertise lies. It’s also an extremely efficient way to find content you want and connect with other experts. And if you’re already using, we’d love to learn about your experiences in the comments section.

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