Big Brother Is Watching (As Long As He Pays for Ads)

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The brouhaha over NSA spying makes for entertaining news segments and conversations, but you probably assume it doesn’t affect the way you market your accounting firm. That just goes to show the foolishness of making assumptions, however logical, because Google … Read More

The Sugarhill Gang Ain’t Got Nothing on CPAs

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – not all accountants or accounting firms are dry. In fact, one particular accounting firm, Withum Smith + Brown seems to take accounting with personality to a whole new level. Each … Read More

Use Social Media to Find a New Job without Burning Bridges at Your Current One

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It can be tricky to do without being obvious, given its wide public reach, but that’s also what gives social media such power as a search platform. Now that busy season is over for CPAs, most of you are looking … Read More

The Deeper Meaning of LinkedIn’s New ‘Follow Company’ Button

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On Monday, LinkedIn showed off its new ‘Follow Company’ button. What should your accounting firm know about this tool? To some extent it’s a welcome but simple leap from the ‘Recommend’ button it replaces. The change, however, represents a great … Read More