5 Characteristics of a Great Logo

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Nothing represents your accounting firm more clearly than your logo. From envelopes to social media sites to business cards, this image goes everywhere your firm does, and each time it appears, people think of your firm. Because it’s so ubiquitous, your … Read More

Get Graded by LinkedIn

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How effective is your use of the world’s biggest professional networking platform? LinkedIn lets you know with their Social Selling Index. The index itself is an assessment of how effectively the company thinks you’re using the platform’s features. While you … Read More

Treating Employees Well Keeps Your Brand Strong

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Originally published in AccountingToday on July 15, 2013 (This version has been edited.) Being unhappy in your job is the new normal. That’s bad news for your firm’s brand, not just your employees. A recent article on AmEx OpenForum had disturbing news. A majority … Read More

Listen to the Nuns!

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The habit-wearing crowd isn’t normally the first group you think of when you think social media, but one convent’s success with the tool illustrates the same strategies that will work for your accounting firm. When the Good Shepherd Sisters of … Read More

6 Ways to Help New Employees Tune into Your Brand Messaging

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Your accounting firm is thrilled with the new hire, but have you communicated the important points of your branding message? Follow these six tips to be sure, and avoid embarrassment for everyone. While misspelling the firm name is a drastic … Read More