And the Winner Is…Undecided!

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Not sure which approach to digital marketing yields the best revenue boost? Take heart, because nobody else does either. That unsettling news is the result of a survey of marketers by Webmarketing 123. Their report was based on answers from … Read More

Email Is the Popular Choice for Marketing Messages

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If it were up to customers, how would marketing messages be delivered? That’s a worthwhile question for service providers who want to remain in their clients’ good graces. Message Systems performed a study using Google Consumer Surveys to discover answers. … Read More

Sometimes Success Means Going Against the Conventional Wisdom

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There is a marketing lesson hidden in the past season’s seemingly endless presidential campaign. It may surprise you, and it holds value whatever your political leanings. As part of its fundraising efforts, the Obama campaign regaled potential supporters with numerous … Read More

Is It Successful Marketing Copy or Is It Spam?

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You know that you need great content to attract and keep readers. You also know, if you’ve been keeping up with our site, that grammar and punctuation make a big difference in the way your content is received. In case … Read More