CPAs Can Target Specific Audiences for Facebook Ads

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Accounting firms that advertise on Facebook are about to see new options for targeting their audience for each ad, if they don’t already have this feature. Facebook is testing changes that allow advertisers to create a more specific custom audience … Read More

Facebook (Infiltrates the) Workplace

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Worried that you’re not spending enough time on Facebook while you’re at work? Never fear! The social media megalith has just made it possible for you to spend all day on the network in an effort to boost productivity and … Read More

Create Content that Gets Shared

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Creating content is a worthy activity, but for most accounting firms, the ultimate goal is seeing that content get widely shared. In order to find out what strategies work to achieve that end, BuzzSumo and Fractl teamed up to analyze … Read More

Facebook Pages Redesigned

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  Facebook is rolling out a substantial redesign for business pages. Hooray! Many businesses feel that the change is long overdue, believing that the previous layout didn’t provide enough opportunity for strong branding or effective presentation of information. If your … Read More

Google’s Customer Match Offers New Options for Marketers

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  Google AdWords is offering users the ability to upload email lists of prospects and current customers for individually targeted marketing messages in search, Gmail and YouTube. Customer Match, as the freshly added offering is known, matches email addresses submitted … Read More

Keeping Up With the Jones’ Firm on Social Media

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What is it your peers and competitors are doing with social media these days? The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report lets you take a peek at the trends. For the seventh consecutive year, the Social Media Examiner has commissioned … Read More

And the Winner Is…Undecided!

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Not sure which approach to digital marketing yields the best revenue boost? Take heart, because nobody else does either. That unsettling news is the result of a survey of marketers by Webmarketing 123. Their report was based on answers from … Read More

Relevance Scores Offer New Insight to Facebook Advertisers

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In the newest round of changes, Facebook has added what it calls a ‘relevance score’ for the performance of ads that run on the site. Advertisers that pay to reach users through their newsfeeds will now see a score, ranging … Read More

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