A Cheat Sheet For Social Media Graphics

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With social media changing constantly, it’s not always easy to stay up-to-date with the most recent graphics sizings for the different platforms. One group, Omnicore, has decided to make it easy on the rest of us and created a social … Read More

For Maximum Click Power, Opt for Twitter Over Facebook

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Facebook may be the biggest name, but Twitter’s got the best game. Although big advertisers spend far more of their advertising dollars on Facebook than on Twitter, the ads on Twitter were more effective, producing a better click-through rate than … Read More

Instagram Claims Promising Results for Brands

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If you’ve been wondering about advertising on Instagram, you’ll be interested in these sponsored campaigns watched by the company. A rising star among the myriad of social networks, Instagram stakes out its turf on visual grounds. Users can upload pictures … Read More

Facebook Strikes Again

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Facebook’s latest news feed algorithm tweak seems to have reduced the reach of many brand pages’ posts. What’s an accounting firm to do? If you didn’t have whiplash from the previous rounds of changes to your favorite social media sites, … Read More

Keeping Up With Facebook

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Social media maintenance is one of the less glamorous aspects of using online platforms to market your firm. Exciting or not, performing the mundane tasks required to keep your accounts up to date is part and parcel of the social … Read More

Use Graph Search for More Specific Searches on Facebook

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With Facebook’s Graph Search, your accounting firm may have an easier time finding new clients and learning more about the ones you already have. Facebook is working on a new feature that will allow users to enter search terms and … Read More

SEC Says Social Media Qualifies as an Official Vehicle for Information Release

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Facebook pages and other social media platforms are acceptable channels for the release of information about publicly held companies. There are caveats, however. In the interest of making sure all shareholders and investors have equal access to relevant information, the … Read More

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