Target your Audience with Facebook’s New Page Post Targeting Option

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Delivering targeted content to selected audiences is easier than ever with the brand new Page Post Targeting Enhanced feature on Facebook. It’s still being rolled out for business pages, and your accounting firm can access it now or within the … Read More

Consider Lifting the Facebook Ban at your Accounting Firm to Increase Productivity

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Sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? But recent studies show that allowing access to the social networking site can actually enhance employees’ performance as well as their mood. Using social media for your firm’s marketing efforts is a no-brainer, but it seems … Read More

Listen to the Nuns!

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The habit-wearing crowd isn’t normally the first group you think of when you think social media, but one convent’s success with the tool illustrates the same strategies that will work for your accounting firm. When the Good Shepherd Sisters of … Read More

Facebook Stealthily Hijacked your Contact Information

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Did you notice? Even if you checked in on the social media site in the past few days, you probably didn’t see your new email address. That’s because they did it without the slightest bit of warning, fanfare or notification … Read More

Follow the Rules or Risk Losing Your CPA Firm’s Facebook Account

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Nice little Facebook page you’ve got there. It’d be a shame if anything were to happen to it…. Does that sound menacing? Good, because violating the Terms of Service is a silly way to get your firm kicked out of … Read More

How Can You Be the ‘Most Wanted’ Accountant if Your Picture Isn’t on the Post Office Wall?

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Maybe the post office isn’t the best place for it, but don’t underestimate the importance of having a picture associated with your professional presence. Your website and your social media profiles absolutely need one. But what if you’re shy? You … Read More

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