Relevance Scores Offer New Insight to Facebook Advertisers

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In the newest round of changes, Facebook has added what it calls a ‘relevance score’ for the performance of ads that run on the site. Advertisers that pay to reach users through their newsfeeds will now see a score, ranging … Read More

Marketing Belongs In the C-Suite

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Many accounting firms these days have a Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Growth Officer. Yours should too, and here’s why. Adding a fancy title and elevating the head of your accounting firm’s marketing department to the top level might not … Read More

The Power of Storytelling

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Storytelling is one of the best ways imaginable to shift perception and behavior. You probably don’t think of Netflix as your first choice for hot new shows, but it’s had a couple of major successes now. Netflix’s original content has … Read More

Don’t Let Age Discrimination Torpedo Your Marketing Success

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Are you forgetting your accounting firm’s most important market sector in your marketing? A quick scan of the business and marketing sections of almost any publication on a given day can easily result in the impression that the only people … Read More

Launch Content with a Laser, Not a Catapult

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originally published in AccountingToday on February 5, 2014 If you want your content to make a direct hit on your target market, aim with precision. Every accounting firm has a focus all its own. You serve some special niche or … Read More

Outsourced Content Creation Part Two: Getting the Most Out of Outsourced Content

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Once you’ve decided which content to outsource, follow these best practices to reap good results for your accounting firm. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and seek professional assistance in creating at least some of the content your firm … Read More

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