Generate More B2B Leads with These Digital Channels

How do you generate new leads for your accounting firm? Most firms are constantly searching for effective strategies to help them connect with businesses in the industries they serve. While individuals rely on accounting professionals to advise and manage their … Read More

Metrics for Marketing

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Measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts is an area of ongoing questions and curiosity. While few accounting firms today doubt marketing’s importance or its ability to contribute meaningfully to firm growth, there is no clear consensus on the best way … Read More

Further Expounding on a Tricky Grammar Issue

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The words and phrases that can take the form of multiple different parts of speech cause no end of difficulty for writers. How could they not? Since the rules vary, it’s no wonder that so many people run into trouble … Read More

An Unexpected Benefit of Case Studies and Testimonials

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In our work for professional services firms, we are staunch advocates of case studies and testimonials. Using these tools liberally on your website and marketing materials is a great way to help potential clients relate to actual clients, picture themselves … Read More

CPAs Experiencing Hardship Can Get Help Through the AICPA Benevolent Fund

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With the recent flooding in Louisiana and the tornadoes in Indiana and Ohio, we are reminded that catastrophe can strike any of us, at any time. No matter how prepared you think you are, life can be upended at a … Read More

Facebook Stealthily Hijacked your Contact Information

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Did you notice? Even if you checked in on the social media site in the past few days, you probably didn’t see your new email address. That’s because they did it without the slightest bit of warning, fanfare or notification … Read More

Tactical Response Strategy for a Public Relations Disaster

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Remember how much fun it was to hear Greg Smith share his experience at Goldman Sachs on his way out? It wasn’t fun for the company. Major mistakes, SEC filings, surprise arrests, wardrobe mishaps, foot-in-mouth syndrome…all make for wonderful viewing, … Read More

How Can You Be the ‘Most Wanted’ Accountant if Your Picture Isn’t on the Post Office Wall?

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Maybe the post office isn’t the best place for it, but don’t underestimate the importance of having a picture associated with your professional presence. Your website and your social media profiles absolutely need one. But what if you’re shy? You … Read More

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